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MegaFactory is a factory for the production of sports nutrition.


Plant for the production of budgetary and quality sports nutrition, accessible to everyone.

Mega is a new brand of sports nutrition, located in the budget price segment and having high quality of its products. The idea is to create a small factory for the production of sports supplements and their further sale through specialized stores, online stores, sports clubs and points of sale.

Today, the situation on the market is as follows: cheap brands of sports supplements are of low quality, and well-known brands with good quality cost unreasonably big money. In a crisis, the consumer spends their money carefully - looking for something that is inexpensive, but high-quality. And here are some of the problems that we solve with the advent of our brand on the market:

Problem number 1 - a constant increase in prices for imported sports nutrition and overpricing by intermediaries. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and the most expensive brand, customers have to pay out a lot of money, and sell such an expensive product is more difficult. Mediators also constantly raise prices, because of what the client's business suffers: prices are rising, margins are decreasing and profits are falling at times.

- The decision: direct deliveries of production without intermediaries, under the low comprehensible prices. What business owner does not want to have an excellent wholesale price and work directly with the manufacturer without intermediaries?

Problem number 2 - low quality of domestic manufacturers of sports supplements. Stores often fall under the discontent of their customers: having bought a product of poor quality, the store loses the confidence of the client, the client himself, loses reputation and sales themselves.

- Solution: due to the high quality of raw materials and packaging, naturalness and safety of other components of the product, the customer will receive positive feedback from his customers. High loyalty and trust of buyers will provide the store with stable growing sales. What business owner does not want to have an excellent reputation and a steady income?

Problem number 3 - dumping prices / lower margins. Often our customers complain about the dumping of prices for products of well-known brands. They have to reduce the surcharge to keep visitors. Reduced margins do not give a good profit.

- Solution: a unique bonus program, whereby the customer accumulates points for bulk purchases of products, and then can exchange the accumulated points for products. None of the manufacturers now does not offer this. He sells the received bonus goods at full cost and thus increases his profit. Customer loyalty is secured for many years.

Business model

Distribution of products passes through:

- specialized shops and entire chains of stores selling sports supplements;
- fitness clubs and gyms;
- Internet shops selling sports nutrition;
- large online stores;
- foreign wholesale companies - distributors;
- Trainers in all fitness clubs.

A variant of opening a network of branded stores in the future is possible.


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